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Angella Luyk is no stranger to what a business owner goes through in a daily basis. She has successfully started and grown two companies, Midnight Janitorial Inc. (a NYS certified Woman Owned Business Enterprise), and One Stop Janitorial and Office Supply (NYS certified Women Owned Business Enterprise pending). Angella discovered her aptitude for business in high school when she was chosen to be president of her Junior Achievement class. She would later go on to the National Junior Achievement Contest at Indiana University where students from across the country competed in business competition. She took this knowledge and started her first company. Angella has done it all. With no marketing dollars or startup money, she used word-of-mouth advertising and different techniques to raise awareness of what she was trying to accomplish. She has walked the very same road many other entrepreneurs are traveling. With all the ups and downs associated, she continued to amaze those around her with her knowledge and skill at being an entrepreneur. Three years after Angella started her business, the Rochester Community honored her for her role in the business community with the Vital Women Vital Roles Award in 2008. She would continue to take Rochester by storm and win the 2008 Rochester Area Business Ethics award. She would take her small 25-person company in 2009 to Arizona to accept the National American Business Ethics Award. A major accomplishment considering she was so new to business. Angella was honored in May 2009 as the US Small Business Administration (SBA) Buffalo/Rochester and Region (New York State) II Home Based Business Champion of the Year, as well as the 2009 NYS Small Business Development Center Growth Business of the Year. While Angella’s companies have received awards and recognition, Angella herself has been in the spotlight many times. In 2009, 2011, 2012, and 2015, Rochester Women’s Network honored Angella and 4 other women as “W” award finalists for her work on behalf of other women. She was also an Athena Finalist in 2009, 2010, and 2011. Each of these honors were a reflection on her business achievements, her work with other business owners, and her community involvement. While running her two successful companies, Angella has learned many things and wanted to share her knowledge with others, she wrote a monthly column in the Rochester Women’s Magazine called Dear Angella. The community was encouraged to write to her with their business questions and each month Angella would answer them. She is also a contributing writer for the Democrat and Chronicle’s “Women at Work” column where she again writes about issues facing business owners. She has started a new position as a blogger for the Democrat and Chronicle with the same attention to business owner issues. Finding that she loved writing, Angella has written and published two books, “Wisdom in a Traffic Jam” – the Secrets nobody tells you about owning and AMAZINGLY successful business – a practical manual that takes the guesswork out of starting and developing a successful business. Her second book took a slight turn away from business and walked you through the medical crises that Angella went through trying to regain her health when she was diagnosed with a life threatening “un-diagnosable” disease. She takes you on a roller coaster journey of coming close to death three times and still managing to stay positive and grow her businesses. She has begun work on her third book, “The Lost Art of Thank You” which will be published in the near future. While Angella is a busy business owner and author, she still finds time for her other passion: helping business owners succeed. She works one-on-one mentoring business owners. She also has a lengthy list of seminars she can give as well as the ability to custom tailor a seminar or workshop to meet your needs.

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“When starting a business, yes you need a plan, but think of it as a road map of where you want to go. Stay open to new opportunities for your business that may lead you in a new direction.”  ~Angella Luyk