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Affiliate Program

These are just some of the areas that I can help you grow your business. Through my network, you and I will work with my trusted affiliates to accomplish great things in your business!


QuickBooks & Bookkeeping

Good bookkeeping is essential for good business. My affiliate program can train you to do your own accounts through QuickBooks, or pair you up with the perfect bookkeeper for you.

Social Media

Let’s face it – businesses have to have a social media presence, but with so many platforms, which ones should you use, and how do you engage your audience? Let’s talk about your social media plan, prepare you to run it yourself, or pair you up with the perfect social media guru!

Web Design

Your website is often the first impression that a client will have of your business. Is yours sending the right message? Is it meeting your needs? Let’s evaluate your web presence, set a course of action, and determine the methods by which we will effect the appropriate changes.


Have you set a budget for your business? Do you have a method of tracking your expenses against your income and forecasting your expected sales? I can help. We will look at your expenditure and revenue histories over time and create a forecast by which you can set a budget. Need help ongoing? We can do that, too.

IT Services

There’s nothing worse than spotty internet, cables everywhere, unreliable phone service, and printers that don’t work. My network of professionals includes top-rate information technology specialists who can work with any size company to make sure you never miss an opportunity due to IT services.


So you have a great business concept and no idea how to get started? I’ve got you covered. We will create the components of your business plan supplying you with the blueprints to success. From funding to marketing to hiring the right employees, we will give your start-up the foundation it needs.

Public Relations

So things are in motion, but how do you get the word out? Let’s evaluate your needs. Are you launching a new product? Is there an event you need to share? We will set a course of action to meet your needs.


Sometimes all we need is someone to hold us accountable to our tasks in order to achieve our goals. Think of me as the personal trainer for your business. We will set goals and then touch base regularly to make sure you are accomplishing the tasks necessary to achieve your goals.


Do you have a marketing plan? Is it working for you? Let’s evaluate all of your outreach – from social media to your website to print media and more – and determine where your areas of strength are, and what we can do to improve your outreach for client acquisition and sales.

Women’s Certification

Are you a woman-owned business? Would you like to receive the official designation? Having successfully completed the application process myself, I can use my experience to help you navigate the process.


Many of us have great ideas, but need some help polishing the writing to get our points across. I can help with writing coaching, proofing, editing, blogging, and even ghost writing. Let’s talk about your ideas then work to get them published!

Getting Published

So you’ve written an article, blog post or book. I know what the next steps are to get yourself published. As a blogger and author, I have learned the best ways to get published – and the pitfalls to avoid. I look forward to helping your publishing dreams come true!

angellaavatarMentor Center

“Whatever you decide to do, please be consistent, good things take time. Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day.”  ~Angella Luyk