Portrait of cheerful business people cheering in the office


As a business you want to be in front of potential clients all the time.  When a need arises, you want your name brought up, or them thinking of you. How can you be everywhere all the time?  How do some people make it look so easy, you see or hear about them at every turn?  What do they know that you don’t? Is there some secret. Of course there is. A secret that I am happy to share. They get people to talk about them.  Seems simple enough right? Well there are a few easy ways you can accomplish this.


-Be seen as an expert at something. 

What are you the most passionate about?  Learn as much as you can about this topic. You can read books, and attend seminars, until you can talk about this topic in your sleep. Now armed with all this knowledge become a speaker.

Now don’t worry most of us were scared or nervous the first time. A good way to combat this is to start slowly. You can speak about a book review on your topic. Or speak to a smaller group of people. You can even practice in front of your friends. This is a good way to ease in to it. When you build your confidence up, go out and speak to a larger audience. (Here are 2 more secrets- 1. There are many organizations that would love to have you talk for them. Call them up and ask if you can send a proposal on your speaking topic. 2. When you give your first seminar, be sure and include a line about how you can be reached to book a talk.  Let people know that you would like to talk to their organization

-Become a writer

Perhaps speaking in front of a group scares you too much. No worries you can write articles for different publications.  Each publication has certain criteria they are looking for, so be sure and check out what they want.  Once you are published you could be reaching thousands of people who will take your article and potentially send it to thousands of their friends.  These are people you may have never met otherwise.  You are getting people to talk about you. (Here is the secret though-Once you have the published article you need to add it to promote it. Now this could be on social media, on your website or in your press kit you give to potential clients.)

-Sponsor a charity that you feel close to. 

Pick a charity that you want to be involved in. Your name and company logo could be seen on the flyers being sent out, brochures, and t-shirts.  People tend to wear these shirts for years after the event. They are a walking advertisement for you. (Here is the secret- At the event ask speak before the group, and get a vendor table there. People will see you up on stage, see your signage and want to come see who you are. Your vendor table is where you will have your brochures and materials about who you are and why they want to work with you. If a full vendor table is unavailable, ask if you can leave brochures at the tables of the participants, or in their welcome package. Use the opportunity to get your information out to them

-Apply for awards

This is a great way to help your company stand out. Often times the local news will pick up the story and write about you. Here is the secret-When you win, you may have the opportunity to give a speech, craft your speech into a story. People will be more eager to listen to a story then a long winded thank you of this person and that person. Make it memorable, to the point they come up to you and ask more about you.)

Now it does take time for these secrets to work. Be patient and consistent. When you advertise you often don’t just place one ad and the walk away. You advertise for a few months to a year. These secrets are the same philosophy. They take time, but I can guarantee they work, as I am proof. I built a million-dollar janitorial company with very little advertising money. In fact, the only paid ads were the ones we placed in program books.