Angella Luyk, Presentations

Would you like to have Angella speak at your next seminar, meeting or event? This is a sample list of topics. If you need a different topic, contact us. We would be happy to customize one to fit your needs.

  • Brag! The Art of Tooting Your Own Horn
  • The Secrets to Success
  • The Secrets to Getting Your Name Out There
  • Talking to Strangers
  • Perfecting Your Elevator Speech
  • Tips for Working with Your Spouse/Business Partner
  • Vision Boards
  • The Many Ways to Say Thank You
  • Setting Effective Goals and Achieving them
  • How Angella Overcame the Odds to Become a Success

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“The key to a successful event is to interact with people. You can spend hundreds of dollars on your booth, advertising and still walk away with nothing if you fail to engage potential clients.”  ~Angella Luyk