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Angella has taken the time to help me get my story out to the world. She has a very strong will to help other people and guide them with all the knowledge she has gained. She doesn’t mind sharing this with others and to me that says a great deal about her character. Michelle Roberts – Owner, Novus Creative

Angella has mentored me for the last 3 years, since I started my business. She is always willing to lend a hand, an ear, or a few words of wisdom. I would be lost without her encouragement and support. I truly feel I can achieve anything with her in my corner. Vanessa Verhagen – Independent Distributor, Premiere Design

I first met Angella through Facebook. I had just joined the Rochester Women’s Network, and she was in my list of people that Facebook thought I should know, so I friended her. When I showed up at an event a few weeks later, she greeted me with a hug and introduced me to everyone there. She completely took me under her wing and made me feel welcome and part of the group. We discovered things in common – namely, that we were both bloggers. Every time I read her column, I think to myself “I wish that I had written that!” Her insights into networking, business, customer service, and life in general are inspiring. She sets an example for others on how to run a business with integrity, friendliness, impeccable customer service, and fun. Michelle Ames – Marketing Diva, Marketed by Michelle, LLC

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“If your employees see you being positive even during the most negative situation, they will follow your example.”  ~Angella Luyk